19'' UNSCENTED Wood Pulp Incense

19” Unscented Incense Sticks
Make your incense and save!

Soak these incense sticks in oil to make your new scents and to save much more than you would by buying pre-made incense sticks.

Approximately 27-30 pcs per each bundle

19” Inch unscented, uncolored incense sticks

14″ inches of burning punk powder

Premium Quality 19” inch sticks with 14″ inches of burning punk powder are blank, unscented, uncolored natural raw incense sticks, to make your DIY incense. Hand made from a natural bamboo stick with a native tree wood powder base encasing/surrounding the bamboo stick. Burn one as they are, and you will only smell the natural tree wood base. Add your favorite choice of pure essential fragrance oils or pre-prepared scented fragrance oils, and you have created your own unique custom incense sticks!

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