1” UNSCENTED Charcoal Cones



Premium Quality 1” inch Charcoal unscented, colored natural raw incense cones, to make your own DIY incense. Burn one as they are, and you will only smell just the charcoal. Simply add your favorite choice of pure essential fragrance oils or pre-prepared scented fragrance oils, and you have created your own unique custom charcoal incense cones!


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Charcoal cones by far burn are superior to wood punk cones.

We all know wood cones have the tendency to constantly go out and must be re-lit often.

Not Charcoal cones.

These premium quality charcoal cones burn a lot cleaner and smoother than the wood-based cones.

NO more wood smell!

NO more burnt smell!

Welcome to a pure and strong scent!

High-Quality Charcoal Cones

Long Burning Oil Drenched and Dipped Incense Cones

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10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500


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