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The known history of mankind’s use of beeswax dates to Neolithic Europe. To reduce pain and sensitivity in a cracked tooth, beeswax was used as a therapeutic dental filling. Beeswax was also ancient humans’ first plastic. Written historical evidence, of the use of beeswax, dates to the ancient Egyptians who wrote of beautiful Cleopatra’s use of it in her cosmetics and bath soap. More recently, physicians also recommended it for various therapeutic properties and it was applied to treat several ailments. Beeswax was also an important part of composite balms used in dressings after surgery.


100% Pure and are filtered to be free of debris.


Packed in a clear pouch

Natural Skin Care

By itself, beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells, and protects the skin. With its amazing ability to work in concert with multiple ingredients, beeswax can benefit and beautify the entire body. With anti-bacterial properties and vitamin A, it aids in natural healing and cell development without clogging pores. With its water-repelling properties, beeswax sustains sunscreen action.


Add to your lotions to add skin protective properties
Add to your lip balm (as recommended by the Mayo Clinic) to provide greater permanence and elasticity.
Use in candle-making for a brighter, healthier home.

Natural Yellow Beeswax Granules / Pearls

Our all-natural yellow beeswax pearls are 100% pure and are filtered to be free of debris. Our wholesale yellow beeswax granules are great for their ease of use and maintain the characteristic aroma and color that beeswax is known for. You will find them much easier to work with than traditional blocks. This version is prevalent in candles.

White Beeswax Granules / Pearls

Our white beeswax pearls have been filtered, and the color has been naturally removed to create an immaculate white appearance while maintaining the natural beeswax smell. Our wholesale white beeswax granules are incredibly easy to work with, which benefits from using the pearls. Because of the refinement, this was typically better for lip balm and personal products requiring a more refined product. It may also be good for candles using color since the yellow tint will not interfere with the coloring process.

Benefits and Uses of Beeswax

Beeswax has been found naturally useful in medicine, cosmetics, food, and even art. To those who appreciate a safer, more natural environment, it provides many different uses.

Bulk Beeswax Uses and Benefits

The use of beeswax may be as old as history itself, from the earliest known example of therapeutic dentistry, dating back over 6,000 years ago, to modern uses, including fine candle making, skin care, and providing a protective coating for fine cheeses. Research even suggests that cosmetic and medicinal uses of beeswax may be superior to petroleum-based products.

A healthy Environment

Beeswax candles are naturally scented with the aroma of honey. This is highly desirable for those who have asthma or is allergic or sensitive to smells. Pure beeswax candles emit little (if any) smoke when they burn – keeping your home cleaner and more comfortable. Besides the smoke, these candles burn with little or no wax drip making them last longer. Recent studies suggest that burning beeswax candles can purify the air by releasing negative ions removing impurities from the air we breathe.

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