The biggest question we always get is ” How can I have a flawless skin”?
Using Natural butters will have your skin flawless!
Treat dry and thirsty skin with our nourishing, rich butters. Replete in natural oils, proteins and fatty acids, these butters are ideal in formulations for creams, lotions, balms, soaps and more! Each has fantastic emollient properties that help to enrich and smooth the skin.
These marvelous natural butters are a fabulous treat for the professional soap maker. Go the extra mile with your soap with the addition of some fantastic butters!!
Typically Soap Goods butters are one of the main ingredients for several body care and cosmetic recipes, but they make fine stand-alone applications that can be directly applied onto ones skin. All of our butters are 100% natural source, with absolutely no filler, foreign ingredients, synthetics, perfumes or preservatives. We guarantee the absolute exquisite nature of our butters to be unsurpassable in every regard. They are unparalleled in texture, consistency, and depth and we invite you to enjoy this splendor.
Vegetable butters serve as key ingredients in rigid emollient skin care products. They lend hardness, higher melting points, and nutritive properties to your formulations. They can be used in soaps, lotions, creams, balms, salves, body butters and other types of products.


Different body butters have different benefits. Not all butters act the same way on an individual’s skin. Many butters, however, do have similar benefits such as the following:

Extremely useful in aromatherapies
Most butters are reasonably priced and affordable
Butters, with regular use, provide the user with softer skin
Butters promote healthier skin
Reduce wrinkles thereby lessening the effects of aging
Protect skin against damage, contaminants, and moisture loss
Not only prevent against moisture loss but adds moisture directly to the skin
Did You know you can add essential oil to your butters?

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Showing 1–16 of 25 results