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Courtny Starks

Our happy Customer

“5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Amazing Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2021 Verified Purchase OMG!!!! If only every scent smelled like this. I was very intrigued to know what these could smell like but after I lit one up I was in love. And you get a lot for the price definitely 5 star quality.”


Our happy Customer

“5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best sticks. Clean & beautiful. Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2021 Verified Purchase I am incredibly impressed with this product. These incense sticks, unlike most, appear to be charcoal on a wooden stick instead of miscellaneous wood shavings or whatever on a wooden stick so the scent is super clean and simply beautiful. Again, I am incredibly impressed with this product. Thank you! Highly Recommended.”


Our happy Customer

“5.0 out of 5 stars Should be sent in a sturdy box . Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2020 Verified Purchase The consistency and how it felt after putting it on my skin, but my young daughter said she was very itchy after I put it on her, it could be due to something else maybe. The bottle came in a bag and the container was badly cracked. I dropped a small piece of the cracked container on the floor. My daughter said mommy there are millions of ants on the mango buttercream you just got. When I looked to see it, yes it was covered with small ants. The container I left by my bed was also covered with ants. 15 people found this helpful.! Highly Recommended.”