Sex On The Beach 10ml.

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Sex On The Beach

Many different designers inspire our Fragrance Body Oils.

Our oils are of premium quality at an affordable price.

Therefore, no need to shop elsewhere.

These oils are concentrated and used to manufacture incense sticks, bath bombs, soap makings, and any bath & body products.

Good for lotion, shampoo, liquid soaps, candles, and industrial applications.


Excellent for oil burning, potpourri, and many other products.

Adding too much oil can ruin a candle batch. Use accordingly.

The primary purpose of fragrance oil is to add aroma to your project.

Warning: Aroma Depot will not be responsible for misusing this or any other product.

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Our version of Pink Sex On The Beach

The product has not been tested on animals; therefore, do not try it on pets.

This statement is provided as a guide only. We have established that our body oils match the aromas listed on the bottles. Our oils are for experimental use only, not as a finished product. Aroma Depot, Inc. has no relationship with the manufacturers/designers mentioned. Our company adheres to the statement of policy of the U.S.A. Federal Trade Commission regarding comparative advertising.


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