19” Unscented Natural Wood Punk


Exotic Incense Sticks

25-30 Sticks Each Bundle
19″ Inches Long Of High-Quality Charcoal Incense Sticks
Long Burning Oil Drenched Hand Dipped Incense Sticks.
Our Incenses Are Hand-Dipped For A 24-48 Hours

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Common Uses:
Each Stick Will Burn For More Than 1 hr Or More. Common Uses: Meditation, Relaxation, Prosperity, Women, Anxiety, Home, Bathroom, Good Luck, Mass, Church, Spiritual Ceremonies, Love, Smokers, Home, Burner, Holder, Tower, Cones, Charcoal, Pipe, Potpourri, Plate, Pot, Pine, Pack, infuser, Yoga, Diffuser, Spells, Tongs, Tree, Tepee, Stone, Resin, Rocks, Reed, Essential Oils, Electric, Wood, Warmer, Ash Catcher, Arabic, Aromatherapy, Storage, Sand, Sampler, Dish, Display, Fragrance, Bathroom, Gift Set, Glass Burner, Body, Coffin, Herb.

Additional information

19'' Amount of Bundles

1 Bundle, 2 Bundle, 3 Bundles, 4 Bundles, 5 Bundles, 6 Bundles, 7 Bundles, 8 Bundles, 9 Bundles, 10 Bundles, 19'' Wood Ash Catcher


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