2” Scented Charcoal Backflow Incense Cones Wholesale Bulk For Incense Waterfall Burner Holder Fragrance Oils


“Explore our extensive range of 1-inch Top Flow and 2-inch Backflow charcoal incense cones.”


All Black Cones are 100% Unscented Charcoal Cones.

All colored cones are 100% Unscented Joss Powder Natural is also available.

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2” Scented Charcoal Backflow Incense Cones Wholesale Bulk For Incense Waterfall Burner Holder Fragrance Oils


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Incense Cones 2-inch Charcoal Backflow


Charcoal Incense Cones

Scent from Heaven. Sourced From Earth.

Welcome to a pure and robust scent!
Highest-Quality  Charcoal Incense Cones Hand-Dipped Natural Back Flow Smoke
Drenched and Dipped Incense Cones
We Hand-Dip Incenses Cones With Aroma Depot Alcohol-Free Concentrated Fragrance Oils.

Top Quality Oils Right Here in The U.S.A.
Our incense cones Are Hand-Dipped for 24-48 Hours.

No more wood smell!
No more burnt smell!

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Enhancing Unscented Incense Cones

Transforming Unscented Cones into Aromatic Delights

Unscented incense cones can be transformed into delightful aromatic experiences with some simple steps. Here’s a guide to help you enhance their fragrance:

Select Quality Cones

To start, ensure you have high-quality unscented incense cones. Look for cones made from natural materials like charcoal or wood. This provides a solid foundation for adding scents.

Choose Your Desired Fragrance

Next, consider the scent you wish to achieve. Essential oils, fragrance oils, or powdered herbs and spices are excellent choices. Select scents that align with your mood or the ambiance you want to create.

Proper Preparation Matters

Prepare the cones thoughtfully. Begin by placing a small amount of your chosen scent in a bowl.

Allow for Adequate Drying Time

After applying the fragrance, allow the cones to dry for a few hours or overnight.

Store with Care

To preserve the fragrance, store your scented cones in an airtight container or a sealed bag.

Savor the Aromatic Experience

Experiment and Enjoy

Feel free to experiment with various scents and quantities to find your perfect combination. Enhancing unscented incense cones can be a creative and satisfying experience.

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Scent Option

A Thousand Wishes, Baby Powder, BLM Type, Blueberry, Bubble Gum Type, Butt Naked, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Apple, Cotton Candy, Dragon's Blood Type, Egyptian Musk, Frank & Myrrh, Icey Black Type, Lavender Type, Lick Me All Over, Moonlight Path, Nag Champa, Opium, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine, Pink Sugar, Pumpkin Spice, Pussy, Sage, Sandalwood, Sex on The Beach, Strawberry, Sweet Vanilla, Vanilla Fantasy Type, Watermelon


10 BACKFLOW Cones, 20 BACKFLOW Cones, 50 BACKFLOW Cones, 100 BACKFLOW Cones


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