African Shea Butter (Raw-Unrefined)



People apply shea butter to the skin for acne, arthritis, burns, dandruff, inflamed skin, dry skin, eczema, insect bites, itch, muscle soreness, scaly and itchy skin (psoriasis), rash, a skin infection caused by mites (scabies), scars, sinus infection, skin breakages, stretch marks, wound healing, and wrinkled skin.


Ivory Shea Butter Vs. Yellow Shea Butter. What’s the difference?

Ivory shea butter has a somewhat hard texture, similar to firm cookie dough. However, when compared to yellow shea butter, ivory is softer and melts easier.

Yellow shea butter is made from the same Karite nut. It is processed similarly, but the root of the Borututu tree is added during the milling process. The root is responsible for the bright yellow color. Borututu is a medicinal plant from Africa. A tea made from the bark of the Borututu tree is useful to detoxify and to assist the functions of the liver and gallbladder. It is also used externally as a wash. Although both yellow and ivory shea butter come from the same source, the yellow variety is slightly firmer and takes a little longer to absorb into the skin. The smell is very similar to ivory shea butter.
The two butters are the same. Some people say that yellow is better for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, because it stays on the skin longer.

Some of my favorite uses for Shea Butter:

By itself for face and body as a natural moisturizer

In a shea butter lotion bar stick for easy use

Alone or in a pregnancy stretch mark salve to ward off stretch marks

As the best under-eye wrinkle remover and bag-reducer

For massage butter

In velvety soft whipped body butter

or basic homemade lotion

As a base for homemade deodorant

As an SPF 6 skin lotion

In magnesium body butter

As a natural baby-care product (alone) or ingredient in baby care recipes

By itself on the lips or in homemade lip balms

Or homemade shimmer lip balm

To improve skin elasticity (some even say it helps with cellulite)

On the hair or scalp (in mixture with other natural ingredients)

In homemade liquid creme foundation and makeup

After sun or beach exposure to replenish skin

On the eyelids before applying makeup to make it last longer

As a natural cuticle cream

On scars to naturally help collagen production

On sore/raw noses during a cold or flu

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Ivory / White, Yellow / Gold


2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 1 Lb., 2 Lb., 3 Lb.


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